Monday, August 29, 2011


Christmas,Chanukah, Winter
and anything else you are celebrating
 in December

Angel Offering

Chanukah Menorah

 Christmas Joys

Winter Frost

A Winter Song for Children



It's freezing when I go outside,
In winter, in winter.
Sometimes its icy, I slip and slide,
In winter, in winter.
Dress up warmly, that's what I'm told,
I wear a coat to keep out the cold.
Scarves and gloves, a very warm hat.
It's winter I must dress like that.

Oh when it snows, it looks really nice,
In winter, in winter.
I'll build a big snowman, skate on the ice.
In winter, in winter.
In this season, every day,
Even though its cold I love to play.
I love winter, there's much to do,
I bet you love the winter too.

My good friend and pianist, Bernie Katzman, is a genius at improvisation.He did some classical improvisations of the winter song in the styles of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin

In the Style of Bach

In the style of Mozart


In the style of Beethoven


In the style of Chopin


Camel at night

Frozen Flowers

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and any other holiday you celebrate at this time of year..
Below are two songs for Children for the season which I would like share. ( I have no adult songs for the holidays)

(Note: when I write songs for children, especially early childhood, I often emphasize the rhythm.)




It’s Christmas Eve and late at night,
I want to look at a beautiful sight,

The Christmas tree, the Christmas tree, 
And many  gifts for my parents and me.

Although the stars are shining bright
My house is dark, so little light.

On the tree, Christmas tree,

And all the gifts for my brothers and me.

Christmas, merry Christmas, 
A time for many joys. 
A very merry Christmas 
For grown ups , girls and boys.

Yes, Christmas is a time be, 
Eagerly waiting for morning to see, 
The Christmas tree, Christmas tree, 
And all the gifts  for my sisters and me. 

They’re under the tree, under the tree,
Wonderful gifts for my family and me.



Latkes are yum,I'd like eating some,
At Chanukah time,at Chanukah time.
And, Latkes are yum,I'd like eating some,
When Chanukah time,has finally come.

And dreidels are fun,I'd like spinning one,
At Chanukah time, yes at Chanukah time.
And dreidels are fun, I'd like spinning one,
'till Chanukah time,is finally done.

Oh Chanukah comes, at Kislev each year,
A great time to laugh, a good time to cheer
With the candles to light, a new one each night..
In the Chanukeah  what a beautiful sight.
With the candles to light, a new one each night..
We think of the miracles making things right.

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