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   Stories are not just for children. They are for all ages. Stories have been used for entertainment ... but had many other purposes. Stories taught moral lessons-- Many folktales  were used for this purpose. In these tales,  good behavior was recognized and rewarded. In The Shoemaker and the Elves, for example, the Elves were rewarded for  helping the shoemaker and his wife with new clothing.  Cinderella remained honest, hard- working and kind despite the terrible treatment she endured and was rewarded by marrying the prince. 

 The Twelve Dancing Princesses, (Grimm's Fairy Tales)

In some stories the emphasis was on the punishment of those who did not behave in a  proper manner. In The Little Red Hen The Cat, Dog and Mouse were punished for their laziness by not getting to eat the bread.   In Rapunzel, the wicked witch was punished by losing Rapunzel to the prince.  
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Creative authors have  written stories throughout history. The tales that are long-lasting are called "Classics."  This is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Dickens and his works are celebrated throughout the world.  Shakespeare's sonnets and plays continue to be considered some of the best works of literature.  There are countless other masterpieces which have lasted the test of time. 

Stories in written format have been produced as plays and movies . Gone With the Wind, Mutiny on the HMS Bounty, Moby Dick and others have been  made into motion pictures.  Adaptations of novels have been done as  dramas and musicals for the stage. One good example is South Pacific, a musical based on the novel, Tales of the South Pacific.

Dolls and miniature scenes have been created based on story characters. One of my miniature yahoo groups is embarking on a group project based on stories; I know the results will be fabulous.

 Stories, whether folktales, classic novels,  modern works, or even amateur creations have contributed to the culture of every society.  I have written stories for children,
which are in the amateur category. My own personal favorites are: Monsters Visit the Valley,  The Messiest House in the World, and One Hill is Enough.

I have  a story blog which links to all the stories I have written.
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