Saturday, May 26, 2012


As an educator/librarian in the early childhood grades I learned the importance of
reading readiness skills. One of these skills is VISUAL DISCRIMINATION. Those who
sew, knit and/or crochet could make visual discrimination games using your skills.

1. Crocheting granny squares.

This is a matching game in which individual squares can be matched to a mat of
from 6 to 9 squares. Varying the combination of colors makes the game challenging and sharpens the child's ability to see detail. This is not only important for reading, but for math as well. (the most common math mistakes are "careless errors.") 
Several mats can be made with corresponding individual pieces. The reverse side of these mats could have something else: numbers, shapes,etc. The individual pieces could be put in a bag allowing the child to select randomly. (Children love to pick out
of a bag. You might find that they are spending a bit of time choosing.)


2. Quilting Matchup Games

People who have quilting skills can use the same principles in making the
visual discrimination game. It can be very easy, to complex.

Teaching Toddlers Colors

This is more difficult. The colors are reversed. The game can
be used to teach both colors and shapes.

This  game is very advanced. Here, creative quilting can be utilized.

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