Sunday, February 10, 2013

I want to invite you to a musical treat:

check in at 8 PM Eastern Standard time.. If Bernie isn't on that day, check the next day.

It is quite a treat.. I promise.



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The Income Tax Hoedown

It's comin' up soon in the USA
The time when we jolly folks have to pay,
Our dear Uncle Sam,we can't say nay..
Get ready to send your $$$$$ away.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Making Designs: a relaxing hobby

      I am not very good with computers, but I do try. I use a primitive Photoshop program but it works for me.  I take some of my photographs and put them on the program. I use the various tools to make designs.

This is a photo of a zebra in the Ngorongoru Crater in northern Tanzania.  When I first looked at the photo,  I thought that the zebra was stepping over the other one. But it is an illusion because of the stripes.

Original Photo

Design from the photo #1

Design from the photo #2


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An Addition Song to Act Out

1. I HAVE A SHINY APPLE ( a counting song, 1-6

Materials needed to act out the song: 6 apples

The Song


The Instrumental


I have a shiny apple.
I'd like to share with you.
And now I have another apple..
Now we have two.

Oh one and one make two you see,
Add another apple, then there's three.
If we go and get one more,
You'll find that we have four.

I have four shiny apples,
So each of us has two.
I'll go and get one apple more,
There's five for me and you.

Oh five is really great you see...
There's two for you and three for me....


We'd better add another one..
Cause three and three is lots of  fun.        

Click here for a download

Suggestion:  Expand upon the song by making
different combinations.


1+3= 4

Note: in the talking portion of the song there
is subtraction.. (give me an apples)

2.  I HAVE A HAMMENTASCHEN  ( same song with the cookies used for the 
                                                                    Jewish holiday of Purim.)
The Song


The Instrumental